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Private Group LCQ Certificate Course

If you have 5 or more individuals who need to get their License Controller Qualification (LCQ), talk to us to see if a private LCQ Course is an option for you.

License Controller Qualification (LCQ) is the qualification you need when applying to get a Manager’s Certificate, needed when you are a Duty Manager in any establishment that sells or supplies alcohol. 

LCQ course tailored to your workplace – Our qualified specialist tutors are able to address challenges specific to your business and focus on real-life scenarios by answer questions throughout the course. We give context to the information by sharing useful industry knowledge and stories and make it relevant for your staff.

Location and less travel – We come to your premises or can arrange to deliver to your staff via Zoom, eliminating the need for long distance travel and ensuring minimal disruption to your daily operations. This also allows you to set up the training so multiple staff members train together giving you an added benefit of team bonding.

Handy Resources to Keep, each staff member will receive a Managers Guide to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol and a workbook, these are great learning aides, but they also act as a valuable reference to use for both their interview with the licensing inspector and also for their career going forward.

In the past, the following have found it useful to arrange private courses:

  • Businesses affiliated under the same organisational umbrella
  • Licensed premises who have teamed up to bring a LCQ trainer to their region
  • Larger businesses
  • New businesses prior to opening
  • Seasonal event based businesses

Choose the approach that suits you and your team best:

Done in a Day

We offer an 8-hour training session, covering the LCQ material and including the written exam. Our course is structured in a way that we believe makes it the easiest and fastest way to retain the information and pass the course. The exam is done in small parts throughout the day, allowing less anxiety for the staff person and an opportunity for the tutor to provide more guidance if needed.


Shorter Day, Online Exam

A shorter 6-Hour session, covering the same LCQ course material, however the Exam is online, and your staff member can do the exam when they are ready within 2 weeks of the course. Handy if staff have other time commitments or 8 hours is too long.

On completion of both the course and the exam, your staff member will receive the official Licence Controller Qualification. This will be the following day for “Done in a Day” participants and as soon as the exam is passed for “Shorter Day, Online Exam” participants.

The next step is to then apply for the Manager’s certificate. This must be done by either yourself or the staff member with the local council. We recommend that employers discuss these costs with employees before doing the course to ensure everyone knows who is paying for what and what is expected afterwards. We can refer you to a licensing consultant to assist with the applications.

Recognised as a Quality Training Organisation – Our organisation is NZQA accredited and has a highly confident rating with NZQA. This is the highest category a training organisation can achieve and indicates NZQA are highly confident in our educational quality and performance.

This is a level 4 course (more difficult). A good level of verbal and written English is needed to pass. A Duty Manager must be suitable for the position and be able to communicate effectively with customers in their licensed premises. If you have chosen the Done in a Day option and have a staff member that is not understanding the content, we may not be able to pass them on the same day, we will instead allow them to do more study in their own time and sit the online exam at a later date.

The course costs will be invoiced, and payment is required before the course, unless previously agreed. Please note there is a minimum person charge of 5 people to ensure we cover costs. Note no LCQ Certificates can be issued until payment is made in full

Client Testimonials

“Everything was really clear and helpful. This course improved my experience with alcohol and how to deal with different situations at my work”
C Osborne
“Thank you so much for an excellently presented course. The relaxed method of presentation really helped with learning the added information that the 2012 act has contained. I totally recommend your services to anybody looking to obtain their LCQ.”
J Jessop
“I really enjoyed the course and it was my first time completing one through zoom. I recommend the tutor, who was not only entertaining but also explained everything in great detail, providing real life scenarios and making sure everyone felt included throughout the course. I learnt a lot.'
R Wiebus

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