LCQ Courses

License Controller Qualification (LCQ) is the qualification you need to become a certified Duty Manager in any establishment that sells or supplies alcohol to the public. It gives you a good understanding of the law and host responsibility as related to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012.

LCQ Duty Manager Course

LCQ Courses

  • Legal requirements, offenses and penalties around serving alcohol
  • Duty manager and server responsibilities
  • Creating a safe drinking environment
  • How to identify intoxicated patrons and techniques for assessing their intoxication levels
  • Server techniques of dealing with intoxicated patrons and maintaining customer and staff safety
  • Application and renewal process for managers certificates

This course is NZQA accredited and on completion you will be awarded with the official ServiceIQ LCQ Certificate and Unit Standard 4646 and Unit Standard 16705

Online Zoom Course

Get qualified without leaving home!

Our online Classroom LCQ Course is perfect for anyone who wants to get qualified in the convenience of their own home or workplace, but still wants the benefits of the classroom environment. A chance to ask questions relevant to your workplace or clarify understanding.

These courses are delivered by expert tutors in an interactive environment through Zoom. You will be sent our Managers Guide to Sale and Supply of Alcohol Manual, course workbook, and are also provided with a recording of the training session once it is finished.

The course is delivered in one day and usually runs from 10am to 3:30pm. You have two weeks to complete the exam online whenever you are ready.

Price $250 includes: manual, workbook, postage, access to Zoom video recording, qualification and GST.

Classroom Based Courses

The classroom based courses are one day and give you access to one of our qualified specialist tutors who are able to answer questions throughout the course, and share useful industry knowledge and stories with you to help give you context to the information.

You are also provided with our Managers Guide to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Manual and a course workbook. The day usually runs from 9am to 5:00pm.

Once you have completed the course, you will be provided with access to our online exam. You have two weeks to complete the exam online whenever you are ready. Some locations have the option to sit the exam on the same day at the venue.

Price $250-$275 including GST (Price depends on the location costs/catering).

Correspondence Course

The correspondence course (Distance Learning) is great for independent learners who prefer to study at their own pace, or find it difficult to attend a course. Also great for motivated people who need to get certified urgently.

As soon as we receive your payment, the course manual, resources, and workbook are posted to you, and you are given access to online materials. You get to choose if you complete the workbook and return it to us for marking or whether you complete the online modules. Workbook and manual is handy for quiet periods at work or for those that don’t have ready access to a computer. Online modules have video with an online quiz at the end of each module. You can keep taking the module quizzes until you get it all correct. Our Managers Guide to the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Manual can be kept as a handy reference.

Once we have reviewed your workbook or checked your modules, we’ll let you know any feedback or whether there are any corrections. This ensures you are well equiped with the knowledge that you need for your exam. Once this stage is completed we provide you with access to the online exam. You can then complete the assessment when it suits you within two weeks.

Price $250 includes: manual, workbook, postage, access to online resources, qualification and GST. 

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A premises that supplies alcohol to the public, must have a Duty Manager on duty at all times alcohol is available for sale.

As a Duty Manager, you must have a Managers Certificate. You need the LCQ qualification for your application to the District Licensing Committee (DLC) at your local council. 

This also involves an interview with the Licensing Inspector who will test your knowledge on your responsibilities as a Duty Manager, as taught during the LCQ Course.

As a business owner intending to supply alcohol, you will also need to get an LCQ qualification when applying for your license.

Decide on whether you want to do a Classroom, Zoom or Correspondence (Distance Learning) Course, then click the Upcoming Courses button, pick the date of the course and complete the registration.

We’ll send out an invoice for payment or you pay during registration. Payment needs to be done before the course date.

Classroom Courses are sent course information immediately, there is a little bit of homework to ease you into the course work. You’ll receive a workbook and manual on the day. Depending on the location you may either do your exam on the day or you have two weeks to complete the online exam after the course.

Zoom Courses you’ll need to pay as soon as you can, so we can email you the Course Information with Zoom link and send out your Manual and Workbook, so it arrives in time for your course date. You’ll have two weeks to complete your online exam after the course. Best to have a computer with microphone and camera, however if your computer doesn’t have a microphone or a camera, the chat box can be used to answer and ask questions. If you don’t have access to a computer some have done zoom using either their phone or tablet. Note you will need a computer for the exam, some have used the library computers.

Correspondence Courses you’ll need to pay as soon as you can, so you can get started. We create a user login for the online resources, email you more course information and we send out your Manual and Workbook. Once you’ve completed the course to the required standard you’ll need to email us to let us know, so we can give you access to the online exam. You have several months to complete the course, however we recommend consistent work to stay motivate and complete the course. You will have two weeks to complete the exam.


There are two parts to the exam. Each part is one hour. You must get 95% or more in each exam.

Some Classroom courses have a choice of a Paper based exam.

If doing the online exam. The exam access information is emailed to you at the end of the course. Past One is 56 Short answer questions in a self marking exam. You get two attempts at each question. If English is your second language or you need longer we can extend this time. This must be requested once you have made a login for the exam, but before you attempt the exam. Part One must be done on a computer.

Part Two, can be done on either a phone or a computer. There are 18 long questions to answer in your own words. This exam is marked by the Tutor.

Both Parts have Two attempts. Please review any feedback on your first attempt and revise your workbook to ensure that you pass the Exams within the two attempts. Tip: when doing Part One and you get a question wrong, note down the question and revise this area of the manual or workbook before your second attempt.

Also ensure that you have good internet. Note that doing your exam closer to your wifi is best, the back of your house with the doors closed usually will have poor wifi. If you are not a computer person, have a ‘helper’ to assist with any computer issues.

ServiceIQ issue all LCQ Certificates, the time it takes before you receive your certificate varies depending on their processing times. If you haven’t received your certificate within 3 weeks of when you passed the exam please contact us on 0800 227 872 or ServiceIQ directly on 0800 863 693. The most common reason for delay is incorrect email address so please ensure your address is a valid email address when you complete the ServiceIQ LCQ Application Form provided at the course.

No, however when there is a major change in the law around the sale and supply of alcohol, it is likely that the LCQ will be updated to reflect the new law. This last happened in 2012 with the introduction of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. Anyone who had received the LCQ prior to 2013 were able to do a free online LCQ Bridging Test (which is no longer available from January 2017). If you had this earlier LCQ and you did not do the Bridging Test, you will need to do a new LCQ course again.

To get a Manager’s Certificate you need to submit an application to the Local Council for the region where the premises is located. You need to have the LCQ Certificate, be over 20 years old, have no relevant criminal convictions, have experience working in a licenced premise, be currently working in a licenced premises, and be a suitable person. You also need to attend an interview with the Licensing Inspector. You will learn all about this by attending one of our LCQ courses which includes a section on the application process and criteria.

No, your application for a Manager’s Certificate will not be approved unless you are working (paid or as a volunteer) at a licenced premise at the time of the application. However, you can still upskill and get a LCQ Certificate ready for employment in a related industry.

Many people have acheived the LCQ who aren’t Managers. The LCQ is a valuable qualification for anyone working, or looking for work, at a licenced premises as it provides a good understanding of the laws around the sale and supply of alcohol and host responsibility. Many employers are looking for new staff who already have the qualification as it provides them with a level of comfort that the job applicant already has had training on this critical area of their business.

Some convictions are considered relevant and will result in your application being declined. Each District Licensing Committee’s (DLC) will each have their own policies and requirements in relation to a conviction, which they take into account when considering your application. 

To find out if a previous conviction will impact your application for a Manager’s Certificate, before you apply, call your local Council and speak to the Licensing Inspector and discuss the issue with them – they are usually happy to do this on an anonymous basis.

Generally any alcohol or drug related convictions will be considered relevant (including driving under the influence). Other types of convictions may also be considered relevant. Some convictions will be relevant but occurred so long ago that they aren’t taken into consideration.

You will need to request a copy from ServiceIQ – 0800 863 693 (fees apply around $18 digital copy).